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SPAM Musubi

This is a staple in Hawaii. When I lived on the Mainland, this is something that I missed. My wife learned how to make it and has perfected making it, our kids love it.

One year, we were married for a short while, she brought in a plate of these to the kitchen I was working at. One of my favorite chefs I have had the pleasure to work with, scoffed at me and said what is spam doing in the kitchen. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy to bring this into kitchen. THe chef left the kitchen, returned and spoke softly. He wanted one. He hadn't had one since working on Maui. Everyone tried it and enjoyed. I brought in a lowly canned meat into a fancy restaurant and everyone enjoyed it.

Quick side story. I had a CEO of a company looking to have their gala dinner with me. I was told that she couldn't stand spam. Unfortunately there were cases of spam in the kitchen, the cafe lunch the next day was saimin (like ramen) with spam. Being a smart ass, I made a spam risotto with lobster. I didn't tell them what they were eating until after they ate the dish. They loved it.

As Megan says, You have to try something once because you may like it.

Note- while making this or any other sushi type dish, I dip my fingers in salted water (make it taste salty) because I don't want to water down the flavor.

E ai ka kou (let's eat).


1 can Spam, cut into 8 equal pieces

1 recipe Sweet Soy Broth (1 part each of water, shoyu and sugar-

mix well.

4 to 6 cups Steamed Rice (calrose medium grain), it depends on how much rice you want to


4 each Nori Sheets, seaweed


  • Sear the spam until crispy, then put into the sweet soy broth. Let stand for at least 30 minutes (most people soak the spam then sear, but I like the flavor better if you do this).

  • Line the counter with plastic wrap.

  • Put the glossy side of the nori sheet down.

  • Using a spam musubi mold (I use the double sized for this. I dip the mold into a saltwater solution- the rice will stick less), put in rice so it fills the mold 1/3 full.

  • Put in the spam.

  • Fill the rest with rice.

  • Press down.

  • Remove the mold and wrap the nori around the rice.

This is a perfect light meal at ball games or at the park (actually anytime). When you make this, please post, tag me and use #cookingwithclay.

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