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cooking with clay

Looking for inspiration for your next meal?  Browse through my collection of recipes.  I have always believed that recipes for savory foods are a guideline.  You can follow them or adjust to your liking.  While formulas for baking should be followed because if you add or remove an ingredient, it may not turn out.

I LOVE all types of foods and my repertoire has grown over the years.  Cooking 'Local Style' Hawaiian food is my soul food.  It brings me back to my mom's & auntie's kitchen from my childhood.

All the food and recipes that I am sharing has a special meaning to me.  

If you're wondering why I'm posting so many recipes at one time, the reason is simple.  I'm moving my blog from to here.  I am enjoying creating food for my family and I didn't see it fitting to be on Big Island Provisions (BIPS).  On BIPS I was trying to keep all the recipes that we use at events and catering, but there was a big part of me that was missing.  I enjoy dressing food up but here, some of the dishes are coming from my heart and soul.  Food to feed my family and friends.  

E ai ka kou!!!  (Let's eat)

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