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Hamburger "Curry" Gravy

Looking for a quick easy meal that takes minutes to make? This is a recipe/ guide you should keep in your back pocket. I listed the amounts I used, but with cooking, use make it taste how you want it to taste.

My mother in-law made a dish they called hamburger gravy. I love the dish and my in-laws including my wife do not like it. One day, my wife proclaims, this kind of tastes like hamburger gravy and if you add an egg it's like a loco moco. She's right.

This hamburger gravy, I don't remember my mom making it, but I served it through my childhood.

This is my take on this dish.

E ai ka kou (let's eat)!!!


1 box Japanese Curry, Vermont Brand, 3.2 ounces

1 lb Ground Beef

1 each Onion, small diced

3 each Medium Carrots, small diced

1 tsp Minced Ginger

1 tsp Minced Garlic

1/2 cup Peas, fresh or frozen

1/2 cup Corn, fresh, frozen or canned

2 cups Water

3 tbsp Ketchup

2 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce

2 tbsp Shoyu


  • Heat a saute pan over medium heat, with oil.

  • Make 3 patties with the hamburger (this will help to sear the burger to get that nice caramelized flavor).

  • When the pan is hot, add the patties. Do not season with salt or pepper. Sear the meat then flip over and do the same.

  • When the patties are seared on both sides add in the onions, carrots and ginger.

  • Stir the mixture and break up the patties. It will not break down into very small.

  • When the carrots are soft add the garlic, keep stirring, until the garlic is perfumed.

  • Add the curry paste and water. Turn the heat up. Bring to a boil and return to a simmer.

  • Add in the ketchup, worcestershire sauce and shoyu. Stir to blend well.

  • Add in the peas and corn.

  • Cook until everything is hot.

  • Adjust seasoning to your taste.

  • Enjoy over a bowl of rice and topped with a fried egg.

When you make this dish; take a picture, tag me and use #cookingwithclay. I would love to see how yours turned out.

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