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Guava Jamin' Jelly

Updated: May 1, 2020

Ok, why does it have Jam and Jelly in it's name? It's not clear like a jelly nor the properties of jam. It's kind of a mix of both.

Whenever I got home sick, having a nice guava jam or jelly on a soda cracker (care packages from mom) would make me feel at home.

I have never shared this recipe before, it's something that we give out as gifts or sell.

Since we are all in quarantine right now, I thought I should share it so you too could have a taste of Hawaii wherever you are.

Since you may not be able to get your hands on fresh guavas, I based this recipe using Guava Puree by Perfect Puree of Napa Valley.

You can use the water bath canning method to make this shelf stable. Once opening, you must refrigerate.


Makes 12 half pint jars.


7 cups Guava Puree

1/4 cup Lime Juice (use fresh juice)

2 boxes Sure Jell Fruit Pectin

10 cups Sugar


1. Mix the guava puree, lime juice and pectin.

2. Over medium high heat, bring to a boil.

3. Once at a boil, add in the sugar.

4. Stir well.

5. Bring the mixture back up to a boil.

6. Boil for 1 minute and turn off the heat.

7. Pour into mason jars (make sure to wash and sanitize the jars and lids), leaving a 1/4 head space.

8. Seal the jars, hand tight.

9. Process the jars (hot water bath) for 10 minutes.

10. After the 10 minutes, turn off the heat and let stand in the water for 5 minutes (this will help liquid leaching from the jars).

11. Take out of the water bath and let stand over night.

12. You should start hearing the jars "popping".

13. Any jars that do not seal properly, process again or put into the refrigerator and use as once.

P.S. You can substitute mango puree for the guava for another great jamin' jam. I use this to glaze my local style smoke meat and in marinades.

When you take the time to make this, could you post a picture and use the #cookingwithclay. I would love to see your creation. E ai ka kou (let's eat).

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