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Local Style Beef Stew

When making this, it brings me back to my childhood. To be completely honest, I hated when we were having stew for dinner. That ment we would have stew for lunch and dinner again. Now being old it reminds me of simpler days and at home with my brother and sisters sitting around the dining table with mom and dad. Even though I didn't like it at the time, I enjoy making this and it brings back memories.

This is very similar to American Beef Stew, but with a little different flavoring ingredients.

For the seasoning on the stew, I would suggest that you season it to your liking, as you're making this for you and your family.


4 lbs Beef, chuck cut into 1 inch cubes.

as needed Flour, for dusting of the meat or Cornstarch

(for Gluten Free)

2 ea Yellow Onion, cut into 1 inch cubes

1 lb Carrots, cut into irregular shapes

1 lb Celery, cut into irregular shapes

6 oz Tomato Paste

14 oz Diced Tomatoes, canned

2 lbs Potatoes, I like russets in stews- it kind of melts into

the sauce

4 cups Beef Broth or mix Beef Better than Boullion

2 oz Garlic, chopped

2 oz Ginger, sliced big so you can take it out, if it finds

it's way into your bowl

2 sprigs Thyme

3 ea Bay Leaves

to taste Shoyu

to taste Salt

to Taste Pepper


  1. Dust the beef with flour or cornstarch. Set on the side.

  2. Get a large pot or cast iron pot heating over medium high heat.

  3. When hot add about a 1/4 inch of oil to the bottom of the pot. Get it hot. Don't worry about how much oil is going in, you will skim it off later.

  4. When hot, add the beef and turn the heat up. Don't move the beef around at first. You want to put a nice sear on the meat. Once a nice sear is achieved on one side, move around. You want to sear all sides of the meat.

  5. Turn the heat back down to medium high, take out the beef. Set aside.

  6. Let it the oil get hot again, if needed add more oil.

  7. Add the onions, carrots, celery and ginger to the pot. Cook until a little color starts to come. You will see bits of food sticking to the bottom of the pot. Don't worry but don't let it burn. Try to scrape it off, lots of flavor there.

  8. Add in the garlic and thyme. Cook until you can smell the garlic, about 45 seconds.

  9. Put the tomato paste in. You want to cook it until it's slightly caramelized.

  10. Once there, add in the beef broth, beef, diced tomatoes (juice and all) and bay leaves.

  11. Stir well and scrape the bottom to get the fond (the bits stuck to the bottom off).

  12. Bring to a boil and return to a simmer (medium low heat).

  13. Once you return the pot to a simmer, add in the potatoes.

  14. Cook until the beef is fork tender.

  15. Season with shoyu (soy sauce), salt and pepper. The soy is for some flavor but also the salt. Use salt after you add in the soy sauce to your liking.

  16. Serve with Chili Pepper Water and rice.

When you make this comfort pot of stew, take a picture, post, tag me and use #cookingwithclay.

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