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Knorr Chicken Bouillon

I have never used this product until the other week. When I start to learn how to cook, I would use the canned chicken broth. Professionally, in the kitchens I worked in we made our own stocks and broths.

At home I would make my own stocks, someone showed me Better Than Bouillon. I keep a jar at home to use in a pinch.

I bought this to make the Chicken Salt.

Thinking about this recipe, I thought if I used fried chicken skins at the chicken flavor would be interesting. I boiled the chicken skins, used a flavorful broth to render the fat and to add flavor. At the end of cooking the skins, I was very surprised on the flavor of the broth that I decided to keep it and to make something out of it.

The broth smelled like ramen broth.

I was surprised how I liked this product and just wanted to share. It doesn't beat a nice homemade stock, but for what in the Chicken Salt and boiling the chicken skins it worked out great.

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